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This year 12th Annual Crew Conference of RINA Academy Philippines Inc. and Elburg Shipmanagement Philippines Inc. held at New World Hotel, Makati on the 3rd and 4th of December 2019.

The first day of event was filled with discussions on the new regulations and updates from the maritime Industry related to the Introduction of the IoT Applied to Training, Seafarer’s Mental Health and Wellbeing, New Psychological Assessment for Seafarers, The Road to New Safety Culture, Seafarers Knowledge on the Potential Impact of The New Rule and Technology Applied in the Shipping Industry namely: Ballast Water Management, Engine and Electronic Navigation, Emission and Scrubber.

On the second day of event, the presentation focused on the company achievements and future plans including the progress on the Cadetship Training Program and the Career Development Plan.

The said event was attended by more than 200 participants including the Principals, Shipowners, seafarers, and employees to lighten up the venue. Putting everything in order, all the preparations and hard work paid off and it was a success for everyone.



The first Safety4Sea Manila Forum held last 12th of November 2019 at the New World Manila Bay, Hotel attended by more than 300 delegates from different organizations including RINA Academy Philippines Inc. as one of the sponsor organizations.

Our Managing Director, Capt. Nicolo Terrei shared his thoughts on the importance and benefits in investing with the IoT Technology by providing quality training thru the services offered by the academy and further enhance the competency of seafarers as well as the shore-based personnel and staff.

Included in the highlight of the event are the panelist who belongs to the millennial generation which is composed of young people from different maritime agencies and organization. Among the panelist are our Instructor/Assessor, CM Jonathan Hernandez and our seafarer, 2M Michelle Francisco from the Affiliated Manning Agencies, Augustea Ship Manning Philippines. They discussed their perspective on how the industry can become more attractive to the new generations same with them and how it become an advantage in the field of shipping.

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