Career Development Plan was developed especially for the Cadets that are starting point of their career at the sea and also for officers holding higher license and has accumulated sea service in line with the company requirement and ship owners.

  • To assess, train and evaluate the candidate for the ship’s position and to promote to the next higher rank.
  • To enhance and improve the level of competency and skill of seafarers in order to attain the standard of performance set by the customers

Scope and Limitation

Career Development Program is a continuous promotion program designed especially for the crew under cadetship and roster program. The candidate who has obtained the license for the next higher rank with good evaluation report from the vessel and served on the rank as required by the company and considered for promotion.

The Plan is arranged for all ranks, considering two of the most important requirements / parameters as required by the rule Time in Rank and Time with the Company.

Phases of CDP
  1. ASSESSMENT - RINA Academy offers in-house assessment for each seafarers embarking onboard company vessels, prior joining, in accordance with his position onboard
  2. TRAINING - The training program dedicated for the crew under CDP is in accordance with the Competency Management System.
  3. VERIFICATION ON BOARD - Once the candidate has completed the full ashore assessment and training program a verification of enhancement is provided